Monday, April 25, 2011

Soup 2 Nuts

I have been selected as the next artist to present for the Halsey Institute for Contemporary Arts'  event titled Soup to Nuts. It is new patron membership event (postmodernist & above) and promises to be a lively event. The event will be hosted in my studio and I must say I am looking forward to sharing my highs and (mostly) lows in my pursuit of art. It should be a lively event!

A brief description of the event:

Soup to Nuts is an American English idiom conveying the meaning of "from beginning to end." The phrase comes from the description of a full course dinner in which courses progress from a soup to a dessert of nuts.

It is the "from beginning to end" part that makes Soup to Nuts dinner unique. These dinners are intimate casual affairs with artists serving as the main to course. Of course we don't eat the artist! Rather, we eat soup & devour the featured artist's creative process, as they describe inspiration, passions, grunt work, and ultimately, final result. Lively conversation ensues.  

I have been a member of HICA for the past three years and urge anyone that is interested in supporting an arts organization dedicated to presenting some of the finest contemporary art in the country, to join. You can now donate online. For more info: Click Here.

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