Monday, June 6, 2011

Upcoming Exhibition

I've been invited to have a solo exhibition at REDUX Contemporary Art Studio in Charleston, SC. I had a sit down with the director, Karen Ann Myers, and she penciled me in for mid next year (April - May?) I'll firm up the dates is a couple weeks. I've been thinking long about the direction of the exhibition and think that it is finally time to unleash the Plantation series. The space is not terribly large but they will be renovating the existing gallery and that should free up a few more precious feet of display area. I have a lot of work to do between now and the end of the year when I want to have everything completed for the exhibition. That means I will be running various display options through my thick skull until I get tired and settle on a firm direction. I surmise that I have at least one half of the exhibition completed already.

Along with the exhibit comes a residency and a catalog. I've never had a catalog made of an exhibit and I am looking forward to the process. One of the most exciting aspects of exhibiting at REDUX is their exterior wall.

REDUX Contemporary Art Center
Charleston, SC

As far as I know they possess the only public art space on the peninsula and allow artist in residence to paint whatever they want on it. I'm not sure if the wall mural automatically comes along with the exhibit but you can damn well be sure that I will ask for the honor! Another aspect of Redux that I love is that they are pretty liberal in their attitude towards exhibitions so my leash is extremely long. I'm looking forward to doing something extraordinary in the space.

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