Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Unexpected press

So much for flying beneath the radar. I hadn't planned on any press for my latest mural project...yet, but Erica Jackson, the eagle eyed arts writer for the Charleston City Paper, somehow stumbled across my blog post and webpage outlining my goals and decided to post the info on the paper's 'Culture Clash' section.

I initially started the webpage as a way to communicate more effectively with the few people I have decided to involve at this point. I'm still in the process of trying to secure permission to have MUSC host the mural. To that end, I emailed my MUSC boss, Dave Neff, in an appeal to point me in the correct direction. I sent him a link to the site so that he could get a better scope of my intentions. He responded favorably and  passed my request along until I received an email from Roberta Sokolitz, MUSC's Curator and Art Collections Manager (silly me - I had no idea they even had one). We had a wonderful conversation this morning and I sent her some amplifying information so that she could take and process the request.

I was shocked when I received a Google Alert informing me that my name was posted on a site and saw this in the online art blog of the City Paper:

Gotta give it to them over there at the City Paper - they don't miss much. It's a bit premature, but I appreciate the ink. The City Paper has always treated me kindly so I can't be mad at them. Thanks, Erica. I'll make sure I contact you first when this project really gets off the ground and hopefully starts gaining momentum. 

I hope to have the list of names finalized in about a month. If MUSC grants me permission to unveil the final painting at their site, I can them make plans to start laying out the painting and begin fundraising in earnest. You can read more about the project by clicking here on 'Charleston Memorial Mural'. Stay tuned!

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