Thursday, September 17, 2009

Found a studio!

I think I've finally found a place to paint. After discussing my problem with a friend, he pointed me toward a building that's located a mere five blocks from the house. The space is approximately 25' x 55' and just an empty shell above a local business. I loved the space the moment I stepped into it. It smells like creativity.

It needs some electrical work and a thorough cleaning, but nothing major. I'm planning on mounting sheets of OSB board to the wall so I can staple up the canvas and paint the whole place white. The rent is minimal to the point that I am considering trying to keep the space after the commission is completed and use it as my studio. I need a place to paint. Trying to work from the house is tedious - too many distractions. I may sub-lease some of the space to a couple other artists whom are in the same predicament I'm in. No place to paint. The far wall is perfect for video shoots. I figure that it will take about $600 - $800 and a whole lot of sweat equity to get it ready. Very exciting. I've never had a studio to call my own.

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