Saturday, May 22, 2010

Countertop finally done!

Tough week of painting. At one point (yesterday), I had to just shut down and get some sleep. One of those days when in the middle of the day you put the brush down, clean up, take a slow walk home, take a shower and plant yourself on the couch and go to sleep. Cathy woke me up, I ate dinner and went back to sleep for another 10 hours. I needed that. It helped tremendously. I went in today and finally finished the countertop items. I'll go back in tomorrow and do some more clean-up but beginning next week it's time to start thinking about the background. I should have started it already but I'm procrastinating a bit, scared to take the leap hoping that I can resolve some mental issues before I begin. I can see it but can't seem to get my hand to do what I need it to do. So I'll putter around and start filling in some of the blanks like the menu and newspaper articles until I get the courage to proceed.

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