Friday, May 14, 2010

A month away from the end

Here's another portion of the countertop completed. More than half is completed and by the middle of next week it should be finished and I can move on to the background. Time is starting to be a factor and even though I am ahead of schedule, I mentally feel as though I am behind for some reason and as such, I am spending more time at the studio. My main concern at this point is the varnishing of the piece. Most oil painting take at least 6 months to dry but I paint extremely thin which means that the curing time is minimal. If I can complete the piece by the middle of next month, I can varnish it and install in the second week of July. 

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This is a view of the larger piece so far. As you can see, the diner is getting crowded. As proposed, the piece is visually complicated. I wanted the viewer to take their time and look at everything instead of being able to take the whole painting in at one glance. The length of the piece combined with the physical confines of the space will ensure just that.

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