Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Installing countertop

This week and next I will be installing countertops and serving food to the gathered crowd. The biggest worry is making sure the perspectives are correct. It's a bit tedious but fun at the same time. Filling in the visual barrier between the Greensboro Four and their patrons gives the piece a greater sense of depth as well as placing them in greater context. The only issue now is to figure out whom ordered what.

I took the past weekend off and chilled out with a venerable house guest, Tyrone Geter. He is an Art Professor at Benedict College in Columbia and someone I look up to in the arts. I had a great time hanging out with him and exchanging some creative ideas. He even gave me a 'eureka' moment on the painting and how to install and varnish without killing myself in the process. I hope I can convince him to make the trek more often. By the way, I will be having a solo exhibition next February at the Ponder Art Gallery on Benedict's campus and doing a three day workshop with some of the art students. A wonderful opportunity to poison and corrupt the minds of the next generation of artists. ;-) 

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