Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dedication, Unveiling and 'SERVICE' Poster

The unveiling and dedication of the mural was a tremendous success! For those unable to attend, it was standing room only and had all the trapping of a media event complete with television coverage. The School of Government Dean, Michael Smith, and the President of the Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU), Maurice Smith, made some memorable comments before I got up and embarrassed myself with my inane comments. I do not function well in large crowds and from the moment I stepped up to the podium my mind went blank and I completely forgot to thank everyone except Juan Logan, the UNC art professor who recommended my for the gig. I had promised to load some pictures from the event but forgot to bring my camera (left it in the car). Even so, I was too busy thanking everyone. However, the SOG had an official photographer there and he promised to send the images on a disc. I will load a few of the pics as soon as I get them. 

I had an opportunity to meet a few members of the LGFCU Board of Directors and thanked them for their involvement. I also had quite the entourage of friends and family that travelled from as far away as the Bahamas. Thank you for your support. 

The LGFCU handed out commemorative posters and the SOG provided color menus that disappeared quickly. I took one of the images that was shot by Rick Rhodes and produced a few posters for Maurice Smith, the staff at the SOG and family and friends. A few people saw them and asked about purchasing them so here they are. If anyone wants one - there are two sizes and they can be purchased on my website. I will sign each. Select each image to get a larger view and hit the 'PURCHASE' link to got to my website. 

18" x 24"
20" x 30"

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