Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gone, Baby, Gone

I walked my child down the aisle today and gave her away. She now belongs to another but will always remain mine. The lighting system they installed is phenomenal and really brings the piece to life by washing it with daylight. The installation process was a bit tedious, but after squaring up the piece and smoothing out the puckers, the framing went smoothly, if not slowly. The weird thing is that the painting looks much larger than it did in the studio. Though large, it fits the space nicely without overwhelming it. The staff at the SOG will have an opportunity view the piece before they cover it for the public unveiling. As for me, I shall sleep the sleep of the dead, wake up, watch the world cup final, eat, then sleep some more until Monday when I'll go and clean out the studio. (Sigh)

Much thanks to Random Gott for all his expertise and help with the installation!

As for my friend Kory who made the trip with me - I fear only a slice of carrot cake from the Nantucket Grill will revive him after such a long day.

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