Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The A.R.T. of diversity

If you are one of those individuals that work with or in a corporate environment, chances are you are familiar with and fatigued by the constant talk of 'diversity' and 'diversity training'. A couple years back I was invited to attend a diversity panel put together by Kittie Watson (Innolect, Inc.) for Pfizer at McColl Center for Visual Art in Charlotte, NC. Kittie is a huge supporter of the arts and had developed a rather unique approach to diversity training: use artists and works of art to facilitate discussions about the difficult issues surrounding diversity. At that time there was an exhibition of artists whose works touched upon rather hot button issues of race, gender, stereotypes, etc. Afterwards I made a presentation of my works and answered questions about the real and imagined impact of some of the work.  A paper has finally been published in the OD Practitioner outlining the specifics involved in the A.R.T. of Diversity. If any corporate type is interested in reading the article, it can be downloaded by clicking hereFor more information on the A.R.T. of Diversity and how you can implement this strategy in your workplace, contact Kittie at:

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