Monday, November 16, 2009

Mural comp

I was having a difficult time working on sketches for the mural (I hate that term, at least in reference to what I'm doing. I've always felt that a mural was something done on the wall whereas a painting is something hung on the wall - hell, no one refers to the Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling as a mural), anyway, I was spinning my wheels  due to the size and complexity of the process. I couldn't see the whole thing. Then I came up with the brilliant idea to use photoshop. That way I could scan and move images around, but once again, seeing the entire layout on a 13" Macbook screen was bothersome due to the length of the piece. I finally broke down and did it the old fashioned way. I hinged foam core together and drew out the exact size of the painting in inches (48" x 5"). After that, I sat like a kid cutting out bodies found in the newspaper, magazines and scanned family photo's that were resized to fit. That way I could move them around at will over the whole game board. Much easier. We live and learn, don't we? I finally finished the layout yesterday and am relatively happy with it. The background photo's are simply placeholders at this point and will be replaced later this week after I do some more research at the library in Chapel Hill and in Raleigh. I scanned the layout in last night and added a few silhouette viewers in to give it scale. Here's what it looks like now:

(click to see larger)

There are actually twelve real faces already incorporated. Now that I am happy with the layout, I will have to photograph some actual persons in more exacting poses. 

I'm heading up to the SOG in Chapel Hill tomorrow for a luncheon with the Credit Union personnel who stepped in and funded the project. I'm looking forward to meeting them and thanking them personally for stepping up to the plate. I'm not sure who made the decision to write the check (or spearheaded the appropriation) but if it's only one person (or two), I may just photograph them and place them in the painting as a thank you. Yes, some corporate bigwig(s) may find themselves a busboy (or waiter) to history. I'm planning on staying in the area until Thursday evening and spending time at the Wilson Library on campus, then onto the state archives in Raleigh if I can ever get in touch with the archivist to set an appointment. I'll try her again after I post this entry.

The canvas arrived on Saturday! Only two days after ordering. Utrecht rocks! I'm heading to Atlanta this weekend to spend some time with the grandbaby and was planning on buying the gesso there, but Utrecht has a 40% off sale on one no-sale item ordered online. I'll order the gesso and get the discount and just pick up the paint and other various and sundry supplies in store.

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